How to set up a photo booth / photo studio in less than 30 mins

Are you looking to set up your own photo booth or are you wondering how do we set up a photo booth?Usually we can set up a fully functional photo booth /mobile photo studio in less than 30 mins.Here are the equipments that you need and the steps to do.

1. You would need 3 sturdy stands, a pole and an umbrella.1 stand for the strobe, 2 stands for supporting the pole and the pole for the backdrop to be hang on. Please choose a sturdy material for the stands, you would want your backdrop to fly away or your strobes to fall off and injure somebody.The umbrella is for the strobe to soften the lighting effect on your guests during the photo shoot session.

2. We use a reliable strobe from Bowens and Elinchrome. Elinchrome is lighter and Bowens is heavier. However there are many china brands strobe in the market and much more cheaper that can be used too

3.Next you need to choose a backdrop that matches your theme of photo booth for your event.As follow are some selection of or shimmer coloured backdrop

Green Screen backdrop for green screen photography

4.You would a handful of these clips to secure the backdrop to the pole and stands.

5.You would need multi extension plug for your strobe, printers and laptop.

6. You would need a trigger set for your strobe and camera.1 goes onto your strobe and the trigger goes to your camera so that camera can wirelessly trigger the strobe light.

7.You would need high speed printers and laptop. Our printers are able to print a 4R at 8 seconds.

High quality, smudge free vibrant 4R prints printed out in 8 seconds

Each time 2 pieces of 2 inch by 6 inch photo strips printed in 8 seconds

8. Lastly you would need some fun props and immerse in your newly set up fun photo booth

Watch our time lapse of a set up of our photo booth set up in less than 30 mins.

Instead of photo prints, we are able to produce some new photo products for photo booth.As follow are some examples

A) Instant photo socket (Waiting time: within 1-3 mins after photo taken)

B) Instant photo 2 sided globe (Waiting time: within 3-5 mins after photo taken)

C) Instant 2 sided Photo keychain (Waiting time: within 1-2 mins after photo taken)

D) Instant photo Badge(Waiting time: within 3-5 mins after photo taken)

E) Instant full colour photo tumbler (Waiting time: within 3-5 mins after photo taken)

F) Instant 2 sided photo bag tag (Waiting time: within 2-4 mins after photo taken)

G) Instant photo Coaster (Waiting time: within 2-4 mins after photo taken)

H) Instant photo magnet (Waiting time: within 1-2 mins after photo taken)

For hassle free booking of mobile photo booth /studios for your events, please feel free to email for a quote. No obligation. Or check out PROMOTION for some good deals. Call +65 6634 8321 for a friendly discussion too.

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