8 Tips for Choosing the Best Photo Booth in Singapore

Engaging a photo booth in Singapore is getting so common, an in-thing and a must for most parties and events to keep your guests entertained.Over the years, many photo booth company has sprung up. There are GIF photo booth, green screen photo booth, halo light automated booth, video booth and many more that I do not know of.However how do you determine which photo booth company is most suitable for your carefully planned event?

Not every photo booth company is the same. Each of them offer different types of booths, different backdrop, different types of props, different photo template designs, different photo booth photographer, different size of photo prints and different prices. Don't choose your company based on just the price alone. The old saying is true, you get what you paid for!

Here are some things to consider when choosing your photo booth provider

1.What is the theme and nature of your event?

If it is a 80th years old birthday party, do not engage a GIF photo booth with lenticular motion print.Guests invited normally would be the host friends and relatives and they would be almost the same age as the host. These seniors would not know or enjoy GIF file or lenticular prints. A lenticular print needs to be flip up and down in order to see the motion in it.Normally it would be blurred when looked at it.So these seniors reaction would be "Why so blurred one?!" When asked for them to email themselves their GIF file, they would say "Har?! what email? I don't have lah!"

However there are still some very tech savvy seniors maybe 1 out of 30 seniors would enjoyed this service.

Events with seniors, they would prefer the conventional studio type with a bright backdrop and professional lightings. Roving photography for them would be recommended too as most of them might have some walking difficulties and with Roving photographers going around to capture their photos would be easier and better for them rather than coming all the way to the booth to have their photos taken. Photo prints must at least be a 4R ,high quality and sharp in order to please them.

Well if your guests are between 20-50 years old, you might consider a GIF photo booth or green screen photo booth where your guests can do all the wacky poses and be entertained by a lenticular print or a photo strip.

Watch below what is a lenticular print and a photo strip


2. What kind of backdrop for the booth? Customized photo wall or coloured backdrop

For your carefully planned event ( especially an upscale one) you might want a customized photo wall to match your decor, venue and theme. However with budget constrained, ask your photo booth provider for sample of backdrops to match the feel of your event. Email us for quote on customized photo wall

3. What kind of props for photo taking?

Ask to look at photos of props. You do not want Chinese New Year props for a wedding.Or cutesy Disney props for a Shanghai Night.This might sound silly but just giving an example.The Colourful Faces Studio provide customized props for special themed events.See examples as follow

Customized Disney themed props

Customized Minion themed props

4. What kind of equipment are they using?

-Don't be afraid to ask if the photo booth provider is using a compact camera or a DSLR.

of cause DSLR would produce a high quality sharp image.

-Are there lightings? Strobe or continuous lightings or Halo light.

Strobe would be an even lighting choice

-What kind of printer and the speed. You won't want a selphy printer to print till end of your event still printing.

DNP, Mitsubishi or Hilti industrial printer would produce fast printing

-Quality of prints. Would it smudge or instant dry? Would it last?

Ink sheet printing would be water proof and high quality

Ask to see the set up before hiring.

5. Unlimited or limited prints

You want your guests to immerse in unlimited fun and prints. Don't go for cheap service. It might be cheap because you might have to top up if the limited prints are up. Always opt for unlimited prints. You won't want your guests to be disappointed not receiving their photos

6. How is prints presented to guests?

Ask if there would be plastic sheet to contain the prints or a photo sleeve. Any customization and cost for photo sleeves layout? Following are some examples of photo sleeves.

Different option of photo sleeves

7. Are you able to customize the photo template with your company branding? Is it chargeable?

Ask if can incorporate your company logo, greetings and logo onto the photo template. Would it be chargeable for the customization and number of times for amendment..

8. Other than photo prints, Is there any other type of photo products?

Photo prints collected at photo booth usually will end up in drawers or pinned up on your office wall. How about asking for some other photo souvenir which can be useful and a great doorgift for your event.The Colourful Faces Studio offer a variety of instant photo souvenirs at the photo booth. Guests can bring home a unique door gift instantly.

Instant photo phone socket

Instant photo luggage tag

Instant photo magnet

Instant 2 sided photo globe

Instant photo badge

Instant photo keychain

Instant photo coaster

If you like this article and would like to find out more about our photo booth prices and other photography services, please feel free to email us at studio@thecolourfulfaces.com

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