Setting up 4 Green Screen Photo Booth at The Istana

At 10am, The Colourful Faces Team had to report at Istana.So Dean and I made our way to The Istana to prepare for our set up of 4 green screen photo booth.The Istana was hosting an event in the evening for 400 guests.We were required to be at The Istana early to set up.Security was very tight and all our equipments had to be scan through before we were able to bring in.

These were all of our equipments needed for the work in the evening.And it took 20 mins for us to have all equipments to be scan and get clearance at The Istana.

Getting to real work.From nothing

To the real set up.The 1st set up and another 3 more to go.

At 1 pm, The 2nd green screen photo booth done up. Now we are going to the outdoor lawn area to do the set up.

Finally by 5 pm the other 2 green screen board were up and we were ready for the show to begin.Next we need to do a test shot before we start.

It was still very sunny at 5 pm and the sun was shinning into our eyes.Look at our funny expressions.Just a test shot...

Event started at 6pm sharp and ended by 730pm for our booth.However the other activities still continue till 9pm. Looking forward to the next event on 24 July this month again. Istana see you soon.

On promotion of our green screen photo booth, Please contact us 6634 8321 or email us at

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